Testimonial #5

“When I decided to build a lake home a while back, I realized after several conversations with my contractor that I had no clue how to articulate my ideas for what I wanted my home to look and feel like. He recommended Phara Queen and after the first meeting I was blown away. Not only did she take the VERY obscure visions and very few pictures I gave her and turn them into great ideas, she made them into a reality. For me it's very simple, every time someone steps foot on my Oklahoma lake front property and says "I feel like I'm in Mexico", I know that Phara was THE connection between my terrible articulation and a beautiful piece of property.”

-Blake Shelton

Testimonial #9

“We hired Travis Neely midway through building our custom home. The project was very slow going and we were suffering from serious design fatigue. Travis breathed new life into the project. He is well educated and very knowledgeable on all different aspects of design. He was able to help us obtain material and products that are unusual for our part of the country. He is incredibly organized and took extensive notes during each of our design meetings. He tirelessly reminded us of decisions that have not been made to help move along the project. He is technologically sophisticated and very efficient. I highly recommend Travis Neely.”

-Gin Wang

Testimonial #8

“I had a wonderful experience working with Travis Neely! He is friendly, accommodating, and professional. Travis has fabulous ideas and is always open to my ideas as well. He is also respectful and mindful of my budget. I have referred him to others and will definitely use him for future projects!”

-Crystal Wonn

Testimonial #4

“I have known Phara for more than a decade. She helped design my 2,000 sq ft retail space. She understood my vision for a very modern, fashion forward yarn store and was incredibly flexible and budget-concious. She also incorporated ideas presented by a class of graduate students at OSU that made my store their semester project. She has a vision, she has the resources, she's buttoned up with her planning. She does what she says she will do - on time, on budget - even if she has to go without sleep to make it happen! But most importantly, she's fun and easy to work with, start to finish.”

-Shelley Brander

Testimonial #3

“Phara is a creative designer who brings a fresh perspective to her projects. Having worked with her on several projects, I can say that she is not only professional, but has a unique and creative approach to her designs that sets her apart from others. She is fun and easy to work with and delivers with ease. She makes complicated projects look effortless. She is a talented designer who I would be happy to work with again in a heartbeat.”

-Dustin Davis